Battlefield 3 Armored Kill screenshots show AC-130 gunship, twilight tank battles

Battlefield 3 Armored Kill

Now that Battlefield 3 Premium is well and truly confirmed , DICE and EA have lifted the lid on a few more of their upcoming DLC plans. Armored Kill is due in the autumn, and features wide-open maps with a vehicle focus: precisely the opposite of this month's Close Quarters infantry combat pack.

Of note in the new screenshots is an AC-130 gunship - the massive ground-attack aircraft commonly associated with Call of Duty turret sections. The last time we played with one of these in a Battlefield game was in the hugely popular Battlefield 1942 Desert Combat mod . Click through for the images.

On closer inspection, however, it doesn't look like this AC-130 will necessarily be player-pilotable. In the final screenshot, the player seems to occupy one of the gunner seats in the aircraft - and the only other available position is another gunner seat. It's early days, however, and nothing has been confirmed.

What's got your interest, readers? These wide-open desertscapes, or Close Quarters' focused firefighting?