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Battlefield 3 Premium confirmed: Close Quarters and all future DLC included [Updated]

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Well, here it is - the trailer for Battlefield 3 Premium. Is EA's offering enough to get your subscription money?

Update - 10 p.m. GMT

EA made the official announcement at its press conference today. Battlefield 3 Premium costs $50 (UK price unknown) and, as the trailer tells us, includes early access to all upcoming expansions, including the final "Aftermath" expansion announced today. The next expansion, Close Quarters, will be released June 12 on PC for Premium members, and June 26 for everyone else.

Aside from the expansions, Premium members will receive "exclusive in-game items, deeper personalization options, and advanced features." No idea what "advanced features" are, but existing non-advanced Battlelog features will stay put whether or not you purchase Premium membership. Oh, and it's on sale now .

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