Battlefield 1 is now official, and we've got the trailer


Electronic Arts has confirmed that the new Battlefield, as we expected based on images that leaked out earlier today, is a World War I-themed shooter called Battlefield 1.  

Like its predecessors, Battlefield 1 will be a multiplayer-focused game, with 64-player battles that will take place in different locales around the world. But there will be a campaign as well, which will unfold from the perspectives of multiple characters.   

Battlefield 1 is scheduled to come out on October 21, but will be available prior to that—“as early as the 18th”—for those who preorder the “Early Enlister Edition.” It will be on display at EA Play in June, and there will also be pre-release access opportunities for Battlefield Insider and Origin Access members. 

We'll have more coverage of Battlefield 1 as further details become available. Stay tuned!