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Battle monsters and puns in this stylish, free roguelike

(Image credit: Tyriq Plummer)

ASCII-based roguelikes are a great way to enjoy the genre, as they leave room for your imagination to contribute. But Atgtha in Absurdia (with its damn awkward spelling) is one that adds a little pzazz in the form of bouncy visual and sound effects. It's got a fantastically rich atmosphere as a result.

Atgtha (damn it again) leans more towards the simple end of the rogue-o-complication scale. You can only hold one of each type of item—ranged, melee, and equipment/potion—and swapping them out is handled automatically as you step over them. There's no food meter, that I can detect, meaning you're able to take your time as you explore a randomly arranged dungeon.

And you'll need to be methodical, as this is bloody difficult, as well as being perhaps slightly too random in the distribution of loot and enemies. Start with no ranged or magic weapons nearby, and you'll need to rely purely on melee weapons—and leave your puny body open to attack.

The pain is mitigated somewhat by the game's punny sense of humour. The enemies you encounter are given funny descriptions, if not pun names, and finding them all is really your main goal in this fancy, engrossing, and enjoyably silly roguelike.

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