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Autocraft enters early access, is filled with physics based construction challenges

Alientrap Games—of Capsized and Apotheon fame—has, for their new game, moved away from the 2D plane. Autocraft is a physics-based construct-'em-up in which you build up machines for the completion of objectives. It's now available in early access alpha, and its makers have released a couple of trailers highlighting its DIY potential.

I've been cadding about in some of the levels, and there's a definite satisfaction to building up machines capable of fulfilling the various challenges. The physics considerations are relatively simple—and you can build a basic craft with ease—but there are clearly more advanced parts required later in the game. A sandbox mode lets players experiment with the limits of the existing construction kit, and the trailer shows that aircraft and complex ground vehicles are possible.

It's extremely early for the creators, though. "The game is currently missing a lot of planned features," Alientrap write. "We are still deciding the direction we want to take the game, and want to involve players in that."

Autocraft is now available on the developer's website . It'll be on Steam Early Access soon.

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