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Archvale looks like a 2D Zelda, apart from the thousands of bullets

Verdi's requiem is perhaps the most frequently performed choral work in the classical canon: and with good reason. It's such a banger that even churches used to think it was a bit much, and you hear it all over the place because, well, it makes things seem a lot cooler. Archvale has several clever ideas, but a particularly good one was setting the above trailer to the requiem, because now I am pumped to play a 2D RPG jammed with guns. It's what Verdi would have wanted.

Yes that does seem to be Shovel Knight at some point: he really does get everywhere. Archvale's an RPG set on "an ever-changing map" stuffed with dungeons, towns, and loot.

The combat is pure bullet-hell, however, with the game containing hundreds of distinct weapons and items, some of which are crafted from killing particular enemies. On top of which your character can be augmented with various perks ('badges') to add swishy moves that suit different styles.

Archvale will release on Steam this summer.

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Rich Stanton

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