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Apex Legends leak shows off Fight Night and some flashy skins

Apex Legends hero Pathfinder waving
(Image credit: Respawn Entertainment)
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Update: It seems that a tweet in Japanese from Apex's Twitter has surfaced,  confirming the leaked trailer was the real deal. The tweet was actually sent out a few days ago, but it doesn't seem to have gained much traction until today. Interestingly, the tweet can't be found in Apex's Twitter feed at all, so it's unknown if this was meant to be seen. 

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Original story: The trailer for Apex Legends' new collection event, Fight Night, has apparently leaked. The footage showcases some new skins as well as a look at Pathfinder’s Town Takeover, and comes from the aptly named SomeoneWhoLeaks over on Twitter. Even though it’s only a 14-second clip, there’s plenty on show here. PCG couldn't get an answer from Respawn as to whether the footage is legit, so take everything with a pinch of salt. 

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The trailer appears to give us the first proper look at Pathfinder's Town Takeover, which was originally leaked by a playtester back in October. It looks like a boxing ring set up on the new Olympus map, with characters passing through a forcefield to engage in melee combat. 

Town Takeovers have been a popular event in Apex, which pops a point of interest modelled after a chosen legend on the map. The events also provide some tantalising bits of lore and backstories for the characters, something which Respawn has been increasingly focusing on. Previous Town Takeovers have seen legends like Octane, Wraith and Crypto get their own event areas.

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There’s also a bundle of new skins on display, including what seems to be legendary cosmetics for Loba, Bangalore and Revenant. Pathfinder also gets a pretty neat skin, complete with a bright yellow fedora.

This isn't the first Season 7-related leak for Apex to have spilled. Gibraltar's heirloom was leaked early in November, which we’ll likely see arrive alongside this event if the trailer is legit. Scottish astronaut Horizon was also leaked as a new legend prior to Respawn’s official announcement.

There's no release date yet, so it’ll be a matter of waiting until the event is officially announced.

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