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And in other PC gaming news...

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Today in the PC Gamer office, deadline excitement was upon us. There was some running around and screaming, but everything turned out fine in the end, apart from the bit when we got invaded by monsters, but you can read all about that below.

Being on deadline meant we had to be EXTRA STRONG in the face of all of today's interesting news. There was no time to speculate at length about what might happen in Meet the Medic , there was no time to argue about what rooms we'd like to see added to Eve's Incarna update , and no time to disagree with Vaas's definition of insanity in Far Cry 3 . Instead, we invite you all to have those debates for us in the comments below. Read on for your daily hit of pure PC gaming news.

  • Quick, Monday Night Combat is really cheap on Steam for another 30 minutes!

  • Retailer listings suggest that Max Payne 3 could come out December this year.

  • The creator of Fat, Ugly or Slutty? writes on Bit-Tech about the abuse received by female gamers when playing online.

  • Over on Boing Boing , there's a great little 8-bit game called TinyHack that generates a new adventure every time you refresh the page.

  • Remember the Minecraft documentary makers who raised money to create a full feature film about Mojang? Get to know them better here .

  • World Rally Championship 2 has been announced , with a launch trailer that very nearly shows a car.

  • West and Zampella vs. Activision is going to trial .

  • Crysis 2 DX11 update is to be released ' shortly .'

  • How crazy does a Duke Nukem case mod need to be to match the craziness of Duke Nukem Forever? Probably slightly less crazy than this .

  • Some screenshots have arrived for Combat Wings .

  • Redditor, Joyproject has discovered Psychonauts star Raz in Alice: Madness Returns.

  • Team Meat tells Game Informer about some of the Super Meat Boy ideas that ended up on the cutting room floor.

Today in the PC Gamer office, monsters invaded. This happens surprisingly regularly, thanks to the amazing entries we get for our PC Gamer UK mag competitions. This month, we asked you to make us a monster. The entries were so good we had to line them up and show them to everyone. What's your favourite monster in PC gaming?

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