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And in other PC gaming news...

Pistons! They're brilliant aren't they? I'll admit, we thought they were only okay up until we saw the door and stairway open in this video, but then we were sold. Pistons are awesome. They crap all over hatches .

More news, less piston based on thus less awesome, is inside.

Phew, what a day huh? We've had launches , teases , announcements and hacking . A real diverse bunch. Almost as if there's no defining trend the poor guy doing the round up can point to in his post. Which is a shame, because that guy is me. Bugger.

More disappointingly un-themed news below.

  • Rumours are abound of a third Call of Duty: Black Ops (pronounced Cod Blops) map pack. We weren't fans of previous ones .
  • Dice will apparently clarify their position on Battlefield 3 DLC and boycott, covered here , tomorrow.
  • A Redditor has discovered that Origin has a limit on how many machines you can install a game on in a short period.
  • Gaygamer has an interesting interview on a storyline involving a homophobia and repression in XCOM
  • Eurogamer report that Double Fine now fully own Psychonauts after publisher Majestico's rights to the title lapsed. Double Fine have always had the right to make sequels, but now all proceeds from the game go straight to them.
  • VG247 are reporting that, not content with launching Origin, EA Sports plan to open their own retail stores
  • Activision are upping the madness of their pre-order bonuses. Now instead of night vision goggles you'll get a fake Time Magazine cover with Modern Warfare 3.
  • RPS report that Proun, which we spoke about here , will be pay-what-you-want.

We're planning to use the pistons to built a lava moat we can part like the red sea. What are you going to build with them readers?