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And in other PC gaming news...


Minecraft really is the gift that keeps on giving. If you're looking for something to re-ignite your passion for blocks, or to spice up your existing server, today's top Minecraft mods piece will help you out.

We also reported on the Minecraft-inspired indie Terraria today - a game that's only restricted by the number of players your server can handle. Check it out on Steam soon.

Read on for today's bonus links.

  • This guy is the best.

  • We still don't have Brink in the UK . It's all gone to pot, innit guv'nor?

  • Arenanet are planning on beefing up Guild Wars 2 's security

  • Witcher 2 DLC to be released freely eventually. They've taken over 100k of preorders too.

  • Momentum is an indie freerunning game that looks awesome. Thanks RPS .

  • Also from RPS, some new Risen Dark Waters screens have been released.

  • We've been playing a lot of Starcraft II recently, and we're hoping to organise some tournaments soon. Interested? Express that interest here .

  • Want to hit a badger with a baseball bat? You'll want to play Green Lantern Boot Camp .

In office news, we just revisited the PC Gamer UK minecraft server and were repeatedly blown away by the wealth of creativity in there. Hot air balloons, a fully-functioning subway, and a model of the International Space Station, complete with shuttle. You'll find all the details you need to get involved on the forums, along with a bunch of awesome people talking about PC games.

Which PC game have spent the most time talking about in your lifetime? Rich won't stop talking about Starcraft II and Tim used to talk about WoW a lot, regardless of who was listening. Tom S. likes talking about zombies - he holds a weird amount of empathy for those guys.