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And in other PC gaming news...

And in other PC gaming news thumbnail

I'm starting to think developers send us strange things just because we tend to photograph it and put it on the internet. I'm not sure how to feel about that.

This time it was the turn of Gas Powered Games, who obviously got on well with Tom in our podcast, because they sent him an autographed centurions' helmet for some reason. Not to be outdone IO sent us a plaque with Agent 47's barcode on it, although Craig was somewhat disappointed to find it didn't fit on his neck.

Actual news inside.

Today was nostalgia day in PC gaming, everyone, is either revamping , remaking , relaunching or going back to their roots. It's like the 90s all over again, which is worrying, because if it really is I might have to go through puberty again.

Both new news and old retro news can be found below:

  • Show me the Games, the indie developer alliance founded by Cliff 'Cliffsky' Harris has launched the 'Show me the Games Bundle' to promote the concept of buying direct from developers.
  • Look, proper journalists are talking about games! Radio Four, in fact, the most proper of all Radio stations. I feel so validated in my career choice.
  • Develop have released their top 100 devs list for 2010, and Bioware aren't on it . Apparently their poor DLC strategy for Dragon Age: Origins means they don't even make the top 300, despite releasing Mass Effect 2 that year. Can't explain that.
  • GOG have added EA games . Good Old EA games in particular. Dungeon Keeper, Privateer and Ultima Underworld are now available.
  • Want to game for free? Well the forums at cheapass gamer have put together a huuuuuge list of free games for you to browse. (Via Reddit )
  • 1Up reports that the Syndicate remake is a first person shooter , surprised?
  • How many Rage trailers have we seen? I've honestly lost count. VG247 has another.
  • What would happen if Braid was a deathmatch FPS? This youtube video attempts to find out.

What do you think of all this rebranding and relaunching of old franchises PC Gamers? Is it good to see the old boys back in action? Or would we all be better off if people concentrated on new ideas and concepts?