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And in other PC gaming news...

Total War Shogun 2 - helmet fail

In the news today, we got to see Batman bat-battering thugs in the first in-game footage of Batman: Arkham City, people got stabbed back to full health in the new Brink trailer, and the Crysis 2 "be fast" trailer flashed before our eyes in an explodey blur of bullets and carefully angled grenade tosses. Oh, and a man super-hurled another man several blocks into a car in the new Prototype 2 trailer. The car also exploded.

The real question is, what else has been exploding today in the world of PC gaming? Find out below in our lovely linky list of news.

  • Black Mesa, the fan made remake of Half Life 1, has been very quiet for a long time. Here's some news: the soundtrack is finished!

  • Valve might beat Black Mesa to the punch. Gabe Newell says that it'd be fun to remake Half Life .

  • Newell also says that Valve would be nothing without id .

  • A Redditor has noticed Bioware employee seemingly writing glowing user reviews for Dragon Age 2 on Metacritic.

  • A number of Aion PvP events are kicking off tomorrow.

  • Here's a warning to those planning on selling their Steam accounts, a Steam user almost lost his $1800 Steam account for asking for a price on Reddit .

  • EA say that the Fox News controversy was good for Bulletstorm sales.

  • Here's eight minutes of shakycam footage of The Old Republic.

  • Prey 2 won't be using id Tech 5 .

In the office today: samurai! War! Horses on fire! Owen and Tim duked it out on the plains of Japan in Total War: Shogun 2. Owen's tactic of selecting every unit he had and right clicking on Tim's army proved remarkably effective, but his overconfidence proved to be his downfall. He exited the game tpo early, and handed Tim victory. What are your greatest gaming facepalms?

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