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And in other PC gaming news...

BF3 T-Rex pack

Could Battlefield 2143 be in the works? The hints DICE have left in Back to Karkand are small, but they've been known to use similarly cryptic methods before. Of course that means those little toy dinosaurs must be a hint too! We can only assume they're actually planning to bring us the pictured DLC pack after all. The people have spoken. Dinosaurs must be added.

Check inside for a selection of dino-lovin', PC gaming news.

  • Bioware tell Eurogamer they're taking queues in The Old Republic 'seriously'.
  • Massively spot a new archetype for Champions Online , The Unleashed, who is totally not a Sith.
  • Joystiq say Gamefly have launched the public beta of their new PC rental client.
  • DSO gaming say Square Enix has told members no personal data was lost when their website was hacked.
  • CVG have spoken to an analyst who believes 1 million people are already playing The Old Republic ahead of tomorrow's launch.

Would you like to see Battlefield 2143 readers? Or would you prefer the series to stick with the present day?