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And in other PC gaming news...

Star Wars The Old Republic - guildies unite

The Old Republic is available to pre-load . I played as a smuggler, and spent the whole time yelling at people to give me my damn ship back. The smuggler basically sounds like Malcom Reynolds no matter what dialogue option you pick, and that's awesome.

Check inside for some high speed blockade running PC Gaming news.

  • Nvidia have written an official tweak guide for Skyrim.
  • Eurogamer say OnLive is now working on tablets. RockPaperShotgun seem to have gotten it working on an android phone too, although I had no luck with mine.
  • Bigpoint tell that social game developers want to reduce their reliance on Facebook.
  • Massively say World of Tanks has broken its own world record by getting 250,000 players on its Russian server at once.
  • You've got half an hour to get Bastion for £3.83 on steam .

What Old Republic classes have you guys tried out? I'm still deciding who play to as when it launches, who were your favourites?