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And in other PC gaming news...

There's a new Battlefield game out! And, much like previous Battlefield games, it's an amazing, explosive multiplayer experience... and it's also pretty broken. Which is why we posted some of the best Battlefield 3 fixes to help you out. For those of you who can get the game to work however, check out this handy jet tutorial, perfect for those of us who'd love to learn to fly the fast movers, but are too scared to try.

Check inside for a selection of high flying PC gaming news.

  • The Brisbane Times writes about the strange experience of playing Warhammer Online on nearly empty servers.
  • Amir Rao of Bastion creators Supergiant Games tells Gamasutra "You don't have to quit your day jobs" to go indie.
  • EA tell Eurogamer why Battlefield 3 has a singleplayer.
  • Edge report that Minecraft has won the GameCity award.
  • EA's John Riccotiello tells Gamasutra Origin is part of EAs plan to cut down marketing costs and 'deliver fewer, higher quality games'.

How has your Battlefield experience been readers? Do you like to fly jets?