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And in other PC gaming news...

Prison Architect

So, Introversion's new game is Prison Architect ? What could it entail? Deep social commentary or silly fun? Perhaps you'll manage prisoners like Darwinians, carefully directing movements as they run around mindlessly... actually that seems quite sinister in the new context. My bet is on a throwback to classic Bullfrog style management games, with a cartoony style that sees you trying to keep hold of over the top super villains. If that isn't Introversion's plan, I hope it's someone's, because is sounds like a lot of fun.

Check inside for a selection locked down, maximum security PC gaming news.

  • The IGF Pirate Kart collects over 300 IGF entries.
  • Payday: The Heist is out now.
  • Joystiq report that Ubisoft are close to a deal with Sony to make an Assassins Creed film.
  • Eurogamer say the reason the PC version of LA Noire is so late is because work on it didn't start until all console DLC was complete.
  • VG247 say Turtle Rock, who began work on Left4Dead before Valve took over the project, are working on a CryEngine game.
  • BethBlog points us to an interesting Skyrim fan film,

How do you think Prison Architect will work readers? And, for bonus points, how would you approach it?