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And in other PC gaming news...

Here's a secret for you; Tim Edwards, Editor of PC Gamer, loves NASA. Believe me, the man knows a lot about space travel, he even has a NASA t-shirt, that's how much he loves them. Less secretly, he also loves games. So this one's for you Tim. Via Reddit , a video of a space shuttle taking off to the score from Mass Effect. The two combine together remarkably well, forming a truly epic moment.

Less galactic news can be found beneath the cut.

  • CVG report that Ridley Scott is working on 'episodic content' for Call of Duty Elite. Yes that Ridley Scott.
  • GiantBomb explain the Batman: Arkham City pre-order bonuses. It is complicated.
  • Bethblog say Lonesome Road, the next piece of Fallout New Vegas DLC, won't be out this month.
  • Kotaku report that the Australian government has agreed to start drafting legislation to introduce 18 rated games.
  • Gamasutra talk to Irrational's Ken Levine about Bioshock Infinite's reality tears, which apparently use assets from games they abandoned.
  • CVG also spoke to Ken Levine, in this Q&A video.
  • VG247 report that the Humble Indie Bundle is now closed, it made over $2.1 million.
  • Bioware tell IndustryGamers that Dragon Age 2 DLC will continue to address fan feedback.
  • Dawn of War 2 will be adding Ultramarines DLC.
  • VG247 have a trailer of Risen 2: Dark Waters.

Show of hands readers. Who likes NASA? Who was sad to see the space shuttle retire?