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And in other PC gaming news...

We included this video at the end of our article regarding DOTA 2 earlier, but here it is again to sing us out for the day. What you can see here is GLaDOS and Team Fortress 2 announcer voice actress Ellen McLain singing 'I Want You Gone' from Portal 2 live. She's accompanied by her husband John Patrick Lowrie, who voices the Sniper in TF2. Now we know why he really gets extra points for headshots.

Check inside for a round up of today's PC gaming news.

  • Displeased Eskimo from the forums has been sharing his webcomics . They're pretty funny.
  • Joystiq have spotted an unlicensed Blizzard theme park in China.
  • GamePolitics say Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2012 will require Origin to play.
  • VG247 have a developer commentary for the Prey 2 trailer.
  • Joystiq report on the Swifty ban controversy in World of Warcraft.
  • Gamespot covers a Develop panel asking "Are AAA games too long?"
  • IGN spot a leak regarding The Old Republic collectors edition.
  • RockPaperShotgun have information on the new Size Five (formerly Zombie Cow) game; The Swindle.
  • Epic tell CVG that the Unreal Engine Samaritan demo is controllable, but "Not a game" and won't be released.

In honour of these two, why don't you tell us who your favourite game couples are?