And in other PC gaming news...


Sorry about that, but that delicious Arkham City footage from the weekend has got us all excited. Graham is skulking in the shadows, Tom S is perched atop a gargoyle glaring menacingly and Tim keeps beating up impossibly muscled men in clown makeup. Me? I just pop up behind people and growl "I'M BATMAN!" You should try it, it's great fun.

A suspicious and cowardly lot of news awaits below the cut.

  • CVG report that Gearbox once had the rights to make Blade Runner games but ditched it because they didn't think it was financially viable.
  • More details emerge on Battlefield 3 pre-order bonuses.
  • In other pre-order news Eurogamer have the details on the Fifa 12 bonuses.
  • Shacknews are covering the Battlefield Heroes anniversary update.
  • VG247 say Space Marine will have 100 minutes of cutscenes.
  • BluesNews say there's a patch out for Mount and Blade: Fire and Sword: Hubble and Bubble: Toil and Trouble.
  • Source Code... Source.

Meanwhile, citizens of Gotham, tell us, who is your favourite superhero? (eg: Batman) Why are they so awesome? (because he's Batman) Should they have their own game? (he already does, and it's awesome, because he's Batman)