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And in other PC gaming news...


Today in the PC Gamer offices we learnt that Rich McCormick believes his Demoman doesn't merely sever the heads of his enemies, but eats them as well, thus gaining their rich, tasty courage. Blimey. Plus he keeps eyeing Owen's noggin whilst drooling hungrily.

Check within for less heads and more news.

  • The Battlefield Blog has some info on Battlefield 3 multiplayer.
  • The World of Tanks 6.5 patch is live, here are the patch notes .
  • Botchweed report that someone has made a Team Fortress 2 server mod that blocks free players.
  • Superhero Hype has the cover art for Batman: Arkham City.
  • NeBusiness has an interview with Westwood founder and current Zynga executive saying "If you release a game and you feel you've finished, you've waited too long.”
  • Here's a trailer for new cartoon zombie action game Dead Block .
  • CVG have a trailer for the new Dirt 3 DLC.
  • Eurogamer are saying Team Meat have an 'ambitious' new project.
  • Gamasutra has analysts speculating that Blizzard's 'Project Titan' will be a casual game.

  • RockPaperShotgun report that Euro Truck Simulator has a new demo.
  • Watch OnLive's presentation to Columbia Uni.

Meanwhile Rich keeps crying out for more heads while playing TF2. Tell us readers, what do you shout at your PC while playing games?