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And in other PC gaming news...

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World of Warcraft patch 4.2 has landed! It brings with it free play up till level 20 and a whole host of changes , including the ability to re-order your characters, which has made Josh happy . It's all been too much for poor Tim though, and he seems to have relapsed. He's not even using a keyboard any more, he just attaches a USB port to his wrist and pipes the game directly into his veins.

Check inside for less addictive news.

  • Blizzard have done a few hotfixes in the wake of the World of Warcraft 4.2 patch.
  • DSO Gaming report that the World of Tanks 6.5 patch will be out tomorrow, bringing US tank destroyers with it.
  • Mojang tell Gamasutra that Scrolls will have a Minecraft style long beta.
  • Eurogamer

    quote EA's Frank Gibeau as saying that The Old Republic will have "200 hours of play for each class."
  • Blue's News say that Sins of a Solar Empire is getting a patch next week.
  • CVG have a trailer for the new Operation Flashpoint: Red River DLC.
  • Capcom are working on an online PC game called Ixion Saga, according to Andriasang .
  • Massively noticed that Gods and Heroes managed to become the top selling MMO on Steam this weekend.
  • With Star Wars: Galaxies shutting down later this year , Gaming Daily look back at it's complicated history

We're busy trying to use Team Fortress 2 as a methadone style substitute to get Tim off the Warcrack, but tell us readers, what game have you gotten the most addicted to?