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And in other PC gaming news...


Today in the PC Gamer offices Tim Edwards' heart turned as black as the ace of spades... and in the game! But seriously, Tim's been playing a lot of Empires & Allies lately, and he has apparently invaded so many of his friends (including strategy game maestro Chris Taylor) that the game has now morally judged him and found him wanting.

Meanwhile it was a Podcast frenzy as both PCG US and PCG UK chose today to jabber into microphones, independently, a mere fifteen hours apart. Spooky.

Check beneath the cut for a summary of today's other PC gaming news.

  • CVG have a new Unreal Engine screenshot. It has much foliage.
  • Are there even more Black Ops map packs on the way? Eurogamer think so.
  • Peter Monyleux tells Gamasutra he's 'ashamed' of Fable 3's review scores.
  • CVG has a promotional image of The Riddler from Arkham City, done in the same monochrome fashion as previous art.
  • The Mass Effect art director was inspired famous flop Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, according to a quote on CVG .
  • The Amiga is back ! As a brand for high end PCs apparently.

Finally readers, riddle me this: Who would you invade, given a limitless army of internet tanks?