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And in other PC gaming news...


LA Noire is coming to PC ! The news broke late today without warning, leaving us with all sorts of questions. What extra features will it include? Will the video tools from GTA4 be available for it? Does this mean we'll get a port of Red Dead Redemption too?

Rockstar may have stolen the headlines, but there's far more news out there than that, check inside for a selection:

First off a big thanks to everyone who responded to our giveaways in yesterday's round up . The winner is Delagon who says:

"Firstly GLaDOS, to help "inspire" the other acts, then Wheatley to be the loin tamer, Ezio for acrobatics, the guide from terraria for bait and of course, the space core just 'cause."

We hope you meant 'lion tamer' there Delagon , but the idea of using the guide for bait was just too good to resist. PM Tom Hatfield with your name and address for a your prize.

News lurks below:

Tell us readers, with the news that LA Noire is coming to PC, what other games would you like to see Noir versions of? TF2 Noir? Mass Effect Noir? World of Noircraft?