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AI War: Light of the Spire expansion is out now

AI War

A colossal new expansion has been released for AI War adding a new faction, 180 new ships, story-based victory conditions and a new 'defender' game type that concentrates AI War's huge, brainy space battles into frantic scraps that last minutes instead of hours. Read on for details and a trailer for the expansion.

This is the third expansion for the game since its release in 2009, and is also the biggest one yet. The original AI War pits you against two more powerful civilisations in vast space-war scenarios. The challenge is to destroy your opponents' homeworlds, but the randomly generated maps and fiercely intelligent AI opponents present an immense challenge. The expansion makes the computer controlled factions even more dangerous by teaching them new strategies. Eight new AI types can also be selected, including the 'Thief' type which "uses ships with tractor beams and leech capabilities. This can lead to a distinct disregard for player property rights."

The original game and all of the expansions are available to buy now from Impulse , Steam , Gamersgate and the Arcen Games store. Check out the official AI War site for more information on the game. Here's the trailer for the new expansion.

[via RPS ]

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