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Age of Empires 2's snowmen-at-arms give a very different meaning to festive cheer

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Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition just kicked off its 2020 Winter Celebration, which lets players enjoy the festive season with fun mods for existing factions, and some new items and decorations. Players have until January 1st to secure these new items by completing different daily challenges over a five-day period.

Last year's Winter Celebration mod already included changes like cannons shooting snowballs and foraging bushes turning into piles of presents, but with this years' mod the AoE team at Microsoft have come up with an absolute winner in the form of snowmen-at-arms. You heard right: this year's mercs come straight from the north pole, to prove nothing says holy night quite like a mass of three-tiered snowmen complete with carrot noses and swords. Just look at them squelch! Look at them melt back into the snow from whence they came!

In addition to this year’s rewards, all of last year’s rewards are available once again. You can find 2019’s profile icons in your icon library, and the 2019 Winter Celebration Mod can be downloaded via the AoE mod database.