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A prototype of an abandoned SNES Rayman game is playable on PC

A recently discovered prototype for a SNES version of Rayman is now playable on PC – but you'll need an emulator. The prototype was uploaded by developer Omar Cornut, founder of Lizardcube, whose recent Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap remaster is a best case example of how remakes should be done.

Cornut has the blessing of Rayman creator Michel Ancel, who re-discovered the abandoned prototype late last year. Be aware that it's very much a prototype, so don't go in expecting a fully-fledged Rayman platformer. But it's definitely a nice piece of history, one well worth salvaging from the storms of time.

"It's a really early demo, not really a playable game," Cornut warned on Twitter. He continued later: "According to old screenshots and reports it did grow to a more fully fledged game but a later version wasn't found yet."

To run it, you'll need to download the prototype via Dropbox, and then run it with whatever SNES emulator you're using – apparently it'll work with most.

Here's some footage from the ROM, if you don't care to boot it yourself:

Shaun Prescott
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