UK government funds road safety MMO

Code of Everand

The UK government has spent £2.8 million developing a browser based MMO designed to teach young players road safety.

The game is called the Code of Everand , and it was commissioned by the UK Department of Transport. It's a free-to-play MMO designed to teach young players the basic tenants of road safety. Our own Ed Fenning gave it a quick spin earlier today. He says "I don't think I learned much about road safety. Only to look both ways and then place a deadly trap to kill monsters before crossing."

It's a government scheme, so there's no item shop or subscription fee to sustain the project, which has already cost £2.8 million to develop. It seems unlikely that the game will be running for too much longer, but it's another example of an educational game, and one of a number of titles that have emerged recently with a similar aim in mind. A few have been funded by UK's Channel 4, who commissioned games like ZombieCow's Privates and The Curfew to teach players about sex education and civil liberties. What do you think, can games be good educational tools?

You can play the game in your browser from here .

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