UK games sales up 7.5% thanks to digital

Money Money Money

The death of the PC never did happen, did it? In fact, it was the PC at the forefront of the digital storefront revolution, which has ended up being a big part of why the UK games industry has seen sales rise by some 7.5% in 2014, compared to 2013.

Digital sales saw an 18.8% rise from 2013, hitting the not-too-shabby figure of £1.5 billion for 2014.

Boxed games - and remember, this includes PC and console titles - dropped in sales, bringing in £948.5m - a 6.6% drop on 2013.

But that massive gain in digital copies means the overall chunk of change brought in for the UK games industry was a cool £2.452 billion. Not bad... not bad at all.

It's money news and it's a bit dry, but a healthy industry is only ever a good thing for us who play the games, and the fact that digital is working (I still remember a time when it was laughed out of the building) means the chances for anyone to get their games out there will only increase over time.

The 'other' entertainment sectors both saw drops, with music sales down by 1.6% and movies dropping 1.4%.

We don't need those though, because games have music and cutscenes in them. The total package.

[Thanks, MCV]