UK Christmas bonanza - Day 11: Win a Radeon 5770 IceQ 1GB graphics card from HIS

HIS Radeon HD 5770 1GB Graphics card

Welcome to the bonanza Christmas eve competition special. It's so close to Christmas that we're vibrating with excitement. But what about our PC's? Our desktop workhorses slave away all day every day to bring us the best games, and all they get in return is a sharp kick when they break down. Win today's competition and you'll be able to give your machine a new lease of life with a demonic Radeon 5770 1GB DirectX 11 graphics card. We've got three to give away, so read on for your chance to enter.

The Radeon 5770 IceQ IGB card has DirectX 11 support, which means you'll be able to take advantage of the most advanced graphical technologies locked away in your DX 11 games. Shader model 5.0 and Tesselation support provide faster and more detailed rendering of 3D objects and if you have a multi-core CPU, improved threading technology will make your games run even faster. If you have some spare screens lying around, the built in AMD Eyefinity technology will let you use multiple monitors for a maximum resolution of 3 x 2560x1600. The card also comes with an IceQ cooling unit to keep your high powered chip running quietly and at peak efficiency

Tech specs

  • Cooler - IceQ 5
  • GPU - 5770
  • Core Clock - 850 MHz
  • Memory Clock - 4.8Gbps /// MHz
  • Memory Size - 1024 MB
  • Memory Type - GDDR5
  • Memory Interface - 128 bit
  • Interface - PCI Express x16 (PCI Express 2.1)
  • Card Dimension 24.5x12.6x4.2cm cm (HxWxD)

Everyone knows that Christmas is brilliant, but it's not completely perfect. Look at the traditional Christmas dinner, specifically the Turkey part. Of all the animals to eat in celebration, why should it be the Turkey? It's the blandest bird in bland land. We need a new Christmas animal to eat. Something exotic and exciting, something to make the relatives gape in questioning horror. Post in the comments below with an exotic Turkey replacement. Tell us what it is, why you've chosen it and how you'd cook it. You must live in the UK to enter. The funniest three entries will win a graphics card.

Come back tomorrow for the grand finale of the UK Christmas bonanza, the chance to win a Corsair 240GB SSD drive worth £375.





Send me (Craig) your details on PM. I'll get the prizes posted after New Year.

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