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Ubisoft announces launch date for Steep, the open world extreme sports mountain game

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Ubisoft's Steep is basically an open-world mountain upon which you and other online Nordic sport enthusiasts can get extreme, with things like skiing, snowboarding, paragliding, wingsuiting, and (probably) wiping out a lot. You can create your own paths down the mountain, fulfill skill-testing challenges, and create and share replays “across all social media.” It was slated for a December launch when it was announced in June, and today Ubisoft nailed that down to December 2. 

The announcement of a launch date naturally comes with word of a preorder bonus, which in this case is the Moonlight Pack: Three night challenges, three night outfits, glowing equipment for each activity, and a wingsuit rocket flare. There will be a season pass as well; details on that haven't been revealed, but the Gold edition of Steep lists for $30 more than the standard release on Steam, for what that's worth.   

We described Steep as “accessible and immediate” in our E3 preview, which was generally quite positive but not without concerns: The mountain is “realistic,” as these things go, and so it's maybe a bit less extreme than its more arcade-y counterparts, like the SSX series. But the drop-in multiplayer sounds promising, and if Ubisoft can make the social side of Steep work, it might have something genuinely interesting on its hands. A closer look at the mountain, and the many ways to get down it at high speeds, may be had at