Uber Entertainment has used the Steam Controller and likes it

Valve has been sending around its Steam Controller prototype to various game developers since its announcement last week. The latest crew to lay hands on it is Uber Entertainment, creator of Planetary Annihilation and Super Monday Night Combat. So far, the developer likes it.

"Moving the mouse around in X-Com using the Steam controller and having it go exactly where I wanted felt good. Like a trackball with feedback," Art Director and Executive Producer Chandana Ekanayake wrote. "I think based on what we played with today, Planetary Annihilation in the living room with a Steam controller is possible."

Co-founder Jon Mavor referred to the Steam controller as "officially awesome," and software engineer Forrest Smith said it "fits my hands perfectly. Better than PS3, PS4, or 360 even."

In addition to Planetary Annihilation, the Uber team tried out Portal 2, Dark Souls, and XCOM, noting that the controls were configurable to each game. When asked on Twitter if games like StarCraft would be playable, Ekanayake responded, "I think you could but it depends on your skill level. It's not quite there yet and they're still tweaking the controller."

Thanks, NeoGAF .