TW: Warhammer's Chaos campaign walkthrough explains why being mad is hard work

Now that the forces of Chaos have escaped their service to the mad god of preorder bonuses, Creative Assembly feels safe showing off what they can do in Total War: Warhammer. Boy howdy, are they are wacky bunch.

Chaos has no true fortifications, preferring to maraud and corrupt. Marauding means settlements come with you, dispensing with defence and income in favour of recruiting ever more foul abominations. This is why playing Chaos is stressful. They typically run at a deficit, haemorrhaging favour with the gods without earning much back through infrastructure. The only way to turn a profit is to kill, burn, kill. You can't sit still, but neither do you want to stretch yourself thin.

Corruption is a fascinating mechanic: just parking a hero in the region of an enemy city causes dissent to brew within its walls, leading to rebellion. After that, you can squash the weakened garrison at will.

Another Chaos hero on display infiltrates an opposing force for a shot at slitting the leader's throat. You can see why this style of play wouldn't work so well for the greener races.

We are on the final approach to Total War: Warhammer's May 24 release. With each race revealed more barmy than the last and mod support confirmed, I doubt we'll hear complaints of a lack of strategic options.