Total War: Warhammer will support mods

Total War: Warhammer will ship with mod support and Steam Workshop integration. It's a move sure to delight Lizardmen everywhere and add hundreds of hours to an already massive game. Creative Assembly has even declared it'll help modders Magnar and Dresden get their projects ready for launch day.

The Assembly Kit will start with a database editor and 'BOB', which lets you play with textures, models and animations. The tools to mess with maps and the like will arrive later in the year.

As to the launch mods, Magnar's Legendary Lord Start Position Mod gets your Legendary Lords spawning in different locations to your Race Leader, and Dresden's Regional Occupation Mod allows every race to settle every region.

With the news that Chaos Warriors will be free to everyone during launch week, Sega's community appeasement game has really stepped up.