Turn your Wordle results into fun Townscaper buildings

Mollie's Worlde2Townscaper structure.
(Image credit: Oskar Stålberg)

I've seen them. You've seen them. We've all seen the little black, green and yellow squares flood our Twitter timelines as people share their Wordle victories and woes. The daily five-letter word game has quickly become a part of many people's routine, but sharing your results in a tweet is so blasé. Instead, why not announce your victory over the English dictionary with a Townscaper building?

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GitHub user tarmo888 has created Wordle2Townscaper, which lets you take those coloured squares and turn them into funky-looking structures. You can either paste your tweet into the GitHub page, copy over your results or enter it all in manually. It'll then spit out a link for your shiny new Townscaper building that you can view in the recently released browser-based demo. 

There are a few customisation options, like filling in the gaps or removing the bottom gap so you're not potentially rocking a building on giant stilts. It gives you a rather basic tower (or bungalow, depending on how good you are), but as Rock Paper Shotgun points out it can make a good starting point to add some depth and build upon.

It's a cool alternative way to share your guesses, and it's friendlier for accessibility too—while Wordle's current share function is nice and abstract for those who've yet to complete the puzzle, it's a nightmare for people who use screen readers to navigate Twitter. Even Townscaper's creator Oskar Stålberg got in on the fun, tweeting his "embarrassing attempt" at Wordle in building form. I got some of the PC Gamer team to send me over their own results for today's word and ran them all through Wordle2Townscaper for your viewing pleasure.

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