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Smash, crash and hurtle; Tricky Trucks is pure physics fun.

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Sky-high diesel prices, shrinking Yorkie bars, stereotypical confectionery references... lorry drivers have many reasons to grumble. This fantastic physics puzzler is proof they should actually count their lucky stars.

Mr Truck Pilot, just be grateful your gaffer never asks you to haul cargo across a collapsing bridge, down a 300% slope, or along a mountain road that makes the Bolivian Death Highway look like the North Circular. Be glad you don't have to load-up by knocking crates off pillars, navigate mazes walled with fragile circuit boards, or avoid giant pendulums while reversing out of your depot. Thanks to clever physics, these activities are all (a) stupidly entertaining, (b) highly replayable, and (c) as hard as a constipated trucker's lavatory logs.

Any time you shed one too many cargo cubes, or smash your ride to smithereens, a dabbed Backspace key slams time into reverse. Not only are these cheaty rewinds free, they don't even impact the puzzle completion times that are automatically posted to online leaderboards.

While it's nice to be 17th best-inthe- world at 'Death Slope' (Go IphigeniaPCG!) TT is as much about creativity as competition. The game comes with 16 official challenges, but has another 720 user-made odysseys, many as surreal as they are devious. Even the most jaded gamer will grin while grinding the lip of a gargantuan half-pipe in a hurtling 18-wheeler, or smile while speeding through a colossal, rolling barrel-o'- boulders in a bouncing jeep.

Pay the very reasonable £8, and discover the best physics-'em-up since Armadillo Run.

The Verdict
Tricky Trucks review

Smash, crash and hurtle; Tricky Trucks is pure physics fun.