Triangle Strategy comes to PC next month as our strategy RPG cup overfloweth

Triangle Strategy, Square Enix's first brand new stab at the strategy RPG in years, is about to land on PC where it belongs. Square announced on Tuesday that the turn-based tactics game hits Steam on October 13, sandwiching it right in the middle of two other fairly similar games from Square. At the end of this month it's launching real time tactics game The DioField Chronicle, and then in November we're getting the remastered Tactics Ogre: Reborn. If you're a glutton for number-crunching, grid-based Japanese RPGs, you are eating good this fall.

As we just wrote about recently, we're living in a resurgent golden age of tactics RPGs right now. Triangle Strategy is one of the big ones: it uses Square's popular "HD-2D" pixel art aesthetic and harkens back to that sweeping political flavor of fantasy that Final Fantasy Tactics did so well.

Triangle Strategy was a hit on the Nintendo Switch earlier this year, though not everyone loved that it leans a bit heavier on the talky RPG side of things than it does the tactics side. In its review, our sister site GamesRadar wrote, "While Triangle Strategy soars in its actual strategic battles, it stumbles a little elsewhere. Leading characters are easy to root for in the opening hours, but it’s a shame Square Enix takes so damn long to develop actual personalities outside of politicking for the majority of them." 

I'm actually more excited for Tactics Ogre's comeback, personally, but Triangle Strategy is destined to be an excellent Steam Deck companion. It already ran well enough on the Switch, but we can hopefully look forward to a better-than-30-fps framerate without any dynamic resolution dips.

Thankfully Square turned this one around pretty quickly, with just a seven month gap between the Switch and PC releases. Once it arrives, we expect quite a few patient PC players will continue using their Steam Decks like a better Nintendo Switch

Triangle Strategy combat

(Image credit: Square Enix)
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