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Transport Fever to arrive on Steam next month

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Pulling from 150 years of transportation history, Urban Games' Transport Fever is a more ambitious undertaking than forerunner Train Fever in almost every way. Today, the developer has revealed November 8 as launch day on Steam. 

Expect upgraded railroad and street construction systems when it lands, then, as well as new boat and and plane transport simulation options. The game's campaign draws upon a range of "historically inspired" missions throughout European and North American history, while endless mode lets you craft stations, harbours, airports and trade links as you progressively adapt to your city's needs and its ever-shifting population. 

The launch trailer above gives a glimpse at some of that in motion, however the following 15 minutes of early in-game footage portrays it with far greater detail. 

With Steam Workshop support, Urban Games also promises "a wealth of deeply imaginative content available to players thanks to the game’s extensive modding support".

Transport Fever is due November 8 and will cost £26.99/$34.99 via Steam. If pre-ordering is your thing, a ten percent discount runs from now until launch day, while existing owners of Train Fever are privy to a 25 percent "loyalty discount" from now until release.