Transistor looking better than ever in new launch trailer


Consider this your official notice to get pumped for Transistor's imminent release. Even if you didn't play Bastion, every little bit we've seen of Supergiant Games' sophomore effort so far has looked excellent—recognizably from the same studio, but different enough to carry its own surprises. The recently released launch trailer gives us few new details about the game, and it's looking better than ever.

With its red-haired singer heroine and her talking sword companion (voiced by Bastion's narrator Logan Cunningham), Transistor always gave off a futuristic noir vibe. This newest trailer leans in that direction even more, setting up the plot with a mysterious crime, and four “problems,” bad guys that we can assume you'll take on throughout the game.

The gameplay footage also shows off the game's “Turn” mechanic, which stops combat and transforms it into a semi-turn-based game. According Cassandra's hand-on time with the game at PAX East , it's one of the main differentiators between Transistor and Bastion.

Transistor launches on Steam May 20, and we'll have a review posted then.