Totally Accurate Battle Simulator leaves Early Access, gets multiplayer

Indie studio Landfall Games is known for April Fool's jokes, even going so far as releasing an entire battle royale game called Totally Accurate Battlegrounds on April Fool's 2018. This year, rather than pranks or japes, Landfall has celebrated the day by pushing ragdoll physics sandbox wargame Totally Accurate Battle Simulator to version 1.0.

As it loses its Early Access tag, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator gains two new factions, two new maps, two new campaigns, and multiplayer—both local and online—a much-requested feature that Landfall had kept secret until now.

Not content with that, Landfall also used April Fool's to announce that Totally Accurate Battlegrounds has gone free-to-play on Steam, and then to release an entirely new game called Rounds. Rounds is a one-v-one platformer duel where the player who loses each round gains an upgrade. There are over 65 of them, including one that turns your weapon into a shotgun and one that just makes you real big (and gives you bonus health). Rounds is also available on Steam.

Jody Macgregor
Weekend/AU Editor

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