Total War: Warhammer to add Bretonnia faction in physical Old World Edition next year

Total War: Warhammer is in-line for a physical-only 'Old World Edition' due in February next year. 

Alongside an exclusive novella named The Prince of Altdorf, penned by Total War writer Andy Hall, the repackaged strategy game will bring with it a new playable faction: the Bretonnia. Players who already own Total War: Warhammer in digital form will receive an update at the same time, whereby they can download the new race free-of-charge. 

"A contrast of lowly peasant masses and proud knightly orders, the feudal kingdom of Bretonnia features a host of powerful units and is lead into battle by a choice of three playable Legendary Lords; King Louen Leoncoeur, Alberic of Bordeleaux and the Fay Enchantress," reads a statement from publisher Sega. "More details about this iconic Warhammer race will be revealed in the new year."

Full information on what the Old World Edition entails can be found via this FAQ

Expect to find Total War: Warhammer's Old World Edition in "selected high-street retailers" from February 2017—we'll update as and when we have more concrete information.