Total War: Warhammer showcases the Squigs ahead of incoming DLC

Total War: Warhammer's next Lords pack—The  Dwarf and Greenskin-focussed King and the Warlord—is out in a couple of days, bringing with it Dwarfen Runelords, Night Goblin Warbosses, Dwarf Rangers and, arguably the best Orkoid lifeform, Squigs. 

Otherwise known as Squiggly Beasts, Squigs are the Ork's main food source, however also hold their own as reliable anti-infantry tanks out on the battlefield. Although missing in action when Total War: Warhammer launched earlier this year, developer Creative Assembly has listened to player feedback and demonstrates the teeth and tongue bearers in action below. Skip to the 1.05 mark to see what they're capable of.    

"Found in the caves deep beneath the World’s Edge Mountains, Squigs are improbable beasts. Part fungus and part flesh with spheroid bodies and a hopping gait, one might view them from a distance as comical," says Creative Assembly. "In close proximity however, they are anything but. As their beady eyes fasten on a target, they bound forward pell-mell, opening their gaping maws to reveal row upon row of dagger-like teeth. Prodded into battle by their Night Goblin herders, they make a swift and vicious anti-infantry force."

Total War: Warhammer's King and the Warlord add-on is due October 20, Squigs and all, priced at £5.99/$7.99 via Steam