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Total War: Warhammer is the fastest-selling Total War

'Total War meets Warhammer' might be the most successful intermingling since I introduced whiskey to my cheerios, and if my mum's reading this, that was obviously - hic! - a joke. Total WaWarhammer maker Creative Assembly, and publisher Sega, have announced that success in a press release, stating that the orcwardly titled strategy game has "gone on to break franchise records during its first week on-sale".

What that means is that more than half a million people bought the game in its first few days of sale, making it the fastest-selling Total War on Steam. They also boast that Total WaWarhammer has been regularly topping 100,000 concurrent Steam players.

Jody Macgregor liked exactly 86% of the game when he reviewed it for PC Gamer, ending with the brilliant verdict that "if you find real history a bit bland compared to glorious nonsense made up by strange British people then Warhammer is the Total War for you". Since then, we've been posting guides to the various factions: check out our beginner's, Dwarf, and Greenskin guides at the accompanying links.