How to unlock Boris Ursus in Total War: Warhammer 3

Total War: Warhammer 3 Boris Ursus
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Want to add Total War: Warhammer 3's Boris Ursus to your campaign? Just like the Daemon Prince, this famed Tsar of Kislev emerged as a secret legendary lord for the faction. He's not just one that you can recruit as Katarin or Kostatlyn, but has his own fully-fledged campaign with a pretty cool start position.

If you want a lord that begins far away from the cunning politicking of Kislev's motherland, Boris Ursus is perfect, and due to his upkeep reduction, he can run a fully-fledged ursine doomstack. What better way is there to try and save the god of bears?

In this Total War: Warhammer 3 Boris Ursus guide, I'll walk you through how to unlock and complete the "Frozen Falls" quest battle and get Kislev's third legendary lord for the campaign.

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Total War: Warhammer 3 Boris Ursus: How to unlock him

To get the Frozen Falls quest battle that unlocks Boris, you'll have to take control of Kislev's three major cities: Kislev, Praag, and Erengrad. These are the province capitals for River Urskoy, The Cursed City, and River Lynsk, respectively. Once you hold these settlements for ten turns, the quest battle marker unlocks just to the north of Praag.

If you want to unlock Boris Ursus as quickly as possible, then Katarin's campaign is your best bet, since she starts in control of Kislev, is relatively close to Praag, and is friendly with the faction that controls Erengrad, meaning a confederation is possible if you play your cards right. This should let you unlock Boris pretty early on.

How to complete The Frozen Falls quest battle

The Frozen Falls battle itself is quite simple and similar to Manfred Von Carstein's Sword of Unholy Power quest battle from the first game. Essentially, you have to defeat three Tzeentch sorcerors dotted around the map. The best way to do that is bring Little Grom, since you can hit the sorcerers at range. Once they're aggro'd, they'll come to you, making the battle more of a defence. 

Once you complete it, you'll be given the choice to add Boris to your faction, give him one of Kislev's three major cities to form his own faction with, or let him disappear. Whatever you decide, he'll now be unlocked and can be accessed through the Kislev menu for a brand new campaign with a unique cinematic and start position. 

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Can I use Boris to run a full bear army?

Praise Ursun!

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