Total War: Thrones of Britannia presents Alfred the Great in new footage and screens

Last month we learned that Total War's first Saga venture, Thrones of Britannia, will boast a British map 23-times larger than that of TW: Attila's. Which means more room for battlefields, soldiers, fighting and bloodshed, right?

Enter the King of Wessex himself, Alfred the Great:

Set in 878AD on the British Isles, Thrones of Britannia takes place following the Viking Invasion of Britain—which Alfred the Great spent most of his adult life in power wrestling with. In reality, the King of Wessex eventually forged a peace deal with the Norseman, however the above shows that it wasn't exactly a straightforward process. And who knows what the outcome will be here. 

Best of luck when Total War: Thrones of Britannia puts you to the sword later this year. 

More information on Alfred the Great can be found via this Total War blog post, which is where you'll also find this cool artwork: