Creative Assembly is working on a new Romance of the Three Kingdoms project

Creative Assembly has wrapped up content releases for Total War: Three Kingdoms, with the team moving onto another project within the Romance of the Three Kingdoms universe.

Three Kingdoms has had a steady stream of post-launch content over the last two years, with seven DLC releases and various updates. Patch 1.7.1 will mark the final update for the game, moving Mount Song and Hualao to their historically correct location. A wealth of campaign, battle and UI fixes have also been addressed: most amusingly, dead characters in the Fates Divided campaign will no longer resurrect themselves.

The patch was accompanied by a developer diary, reflecting on the past two years and what Creative Assembly has in store for the future of the Three Kingdoms universe, saying it was time for them to turn their attention "to a new project in this amazing history tale." The studio said the team has "now transitioned into pre-production" for the new game, giving a "fresh opportunity to build on this incredible world."

That's about as specific as Creative Assembly got, saying "we'll share more of our direction and scope for that project when we're able. But for now, we're happy to tell you that we're increasing our focus on this novel's rich cast of characters and their individual and unique narratives, taking the core of what makes Three Kingdoms so special and pushing it further."

Check out the full patch notes here. Creative Assembly is also having a small sale on the entire Three Kingdoms bundle right now to celebrate its completion, knocking 5% off the total cost.

Mollie Taylor
Features Producer

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