Total War Saga is a spin-off series that will 'follow-on from previous games'

Creative Assembly has revealed Total War Saga—a new branch of Total War games that "focus on a specific point in history, as opposed to an era as seen in the tentpole Total War games."

Said to be similar in style and scope to Total War: Shogun's standalone follow-up Fall of The Samurai, Total War Saga's debut targets Rome 2 and Attila and aims to present a "thrilling challenge" within a refined and more compact geographical area.  

"Sagas won't be revolutionary new titles or introduce brand-new eras," explains game director Jack Lusted. "They'll follow-on from previous Total War games and inhabit the same time-period, or at the very least relate to it. But these are certainly Total War games. We’ll announce it properly in the next few months… and moves the [Rome 2 and Attila] period forward in much the same way. 

"It’s great being able to build on and optimise the tech and the content from those games, like the work we did on Attila with Age of Charlemagne. Especially for a moment in history we’ve not spent enough time with yet as a studio."

No word on release just yet, then, but keep an eye out for more information via the Total War site. Further details on Total War Saga can be found via this blog post