Total War: Rome II trailer features angry emperors, angry Germans, angry dogs

Have you heard this one before? A Roman general and his German ally go for a walk in the woods. Three legions of Roman soldiers end up dead. It's not a very good joke - not if you're Augustus, anyway. They were his legions. He would really, really like them back.

The Battle of the Teutoburg Forest is the basis for the latest trailer for Rome II, setting the stage for the historical scenario that I saw played when I last visited Creative Assembly. My full report can be found in PC Gamer 250 and will be going up on the site next week. Check out my run-down of the game's new features for a quick overview of the things that are changing in Total War's return to Rome.

Edit: Er, it looks like we embedded a previous Rome II video rather than the new trailer. Oops! Should be fixed now.

Chris Thursten

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