Total War: Rome 2 update adds new elephants, more Epirus units

It seems like many of Total War: Rome 2's pre-launch updates have been of the "oh no, why is everything on fire?" variety. If that fire hasn't entirely been quelled, it is at least only lightly smouldering now. Hence this latest update, which focuses on features: specifically, elephants. A new African elephant model has been introduced to complement the pre-existing Indian elephants, allowing for more geographically appropriate elephantidae placement.

Quoth the Creative Assembly community update :

"We now have a beautifully-designed African elephant model, which you can see here in all its large-eared majesty. This model replaces the generic elephant model in ROME II currently used by all African Elephant units.

"We've also rounded out the unit-roster of Epirus with some tasty extras. They can now recruit Thessalian Cavalry, Royal Peltasts and Illyrian Coastal Levies to bolster their forces. Plus, you'll find Epirus gets a brand-new Mercenary Indian War Elephant unit to hire."

The downside is that Epirus is part of the game's Greek States DLC, which means, unless you own that pack, you'll only be able to appreciate their particular additions as they're charging towards your flanks. You'll still get to play with some nice, new elephants though, and isn't that what's really important?

Thanks, PCGamesN .

Phil Savage

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