Total War: Attila's modding tools released

Attila Gal 1

The Attila Assembly Kit has been released for Total War: Attila, and Steam Workshop is now up and running properly for the rather good strategy title.

The tool is available for all those with Total War: Attila in their Library, and I've pasted instructions below on how to get hold of it. It's not difficult, but always nice to know, right? The Assembly Kit includes DaVE, for editing the database, BOB, for processing raw data, TEd, for creating siege battlefields, and Terry, the campaign map editor.

There's also a terrain raw data pack, meaning modders are able to choose which battle maps load for set campaign map locations. If you want it - and you'll need it to use TEd and Terry properly - you'll need around 60GB of free space to house it. If it's bigger it means it's more worth it, right?

The tools are very similar to those on previous Total Wars, but if you're new to modding - or need a refresher - it might be useful to take a look at Attila's wiki. In fact, it's probably useful for anybody, regardless of experience level.

How to download:

• Hover over the “LIBRARY” panel in steam and select “TOOLS” from the drop down menu.

• Select Total War: Attila Assembly Kit BETA

• Double Click to begin downloading. Be sure to install The Assembly Kit to the same HDD as Total War: Attila.

• To get the Terrain Raw Data pack, right-click the Total War: Attila Assembly Kit BETA and select “properties”. Click the “DLC” tab and select “Terrain Raw Data” to begin downloading. The Terrain Raw Data will expand to near 60GB on your HDD, so only download it if you feel you need it. It will be needed to use Terry and to use TEd fully.