Arverni faction bring fierce beards to Total War: Rome 2

The Gallic Arverni are the fifth of eight factions to be revealed as playable forces in Total War: Rome 2. Their chieftains lead the counter-charge against Roman advancement according to the will of their king, inspired by the sentiments of their druids. The Arverni were most notably led by the fierce Vercingetorix, who united the Gallic tribes against Ceasar in the great revolts of 52BC.

In combat, they're "heavily dependent on infantry," according to the Arverni page on the Rome 2 site . They'll "make great use of javelins and the devastating impact of the charge, led by elite warriors such as Spear Nobles and Oathsworn." More importantly, they'll do it while shouty faces and hairy, hairy chins.

At home, they're good goldsmiths, and turn a fair trade selling the produce of their prodigious craftsmen. It's the charisma of their leaders that makes them tempting campaign avatars, however. Their ability to unite tribes and amass great numbers should make them a good underdog choice for those of us who'd rather burn down the Roman Empire than help it prosper.

Rome 2 is a videogame I'm very much looking forward to. It's out in October.

Tom Senior

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